Lilou/ Muse de Septembre

LILOU & la Collection PICKY

✨Lilou, RockSTAR✨

Are you ready? To be swept away by a wind of freedom, audacity, style, beauty and authenticity...?

Follow Lilou ... a talented, generous, gentle and strong traveler ... beautiful and rebellious, with intense eyes. A Marseillaise living in Paris, Lilou is an artist who draws, tattoos and whose work you'll want to follow closely.

Stellar jewelry, the street, the wind and Lilou's gaze will take you to the Paris we love ... chic and cool, simple and stylish, rock and glam ... the perfect balance in every look is to be discovered through Lilou's shoot.

Neo Punk

stellar punk mode

Chic Cool

stellar cool chic

Glam Rock

stellar bijoux glam rock

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